Open Hand Leather Goods

Leather Products Made by Hand with Precision and Care

A Closer Look

Open Hand Leather Goods is handmade leather products that combine smart design and a classic style. Operating out of a small studio in Columbus, Ohio the finished products are born from an idea that grows into sketches. After drawing, hides are selected based on their color and personality. Prototypes are constructed and tested for durability, form and style. All products are one of a kind because no two hides are alike.

Meet the Maker

Born and raised in Columbus, I began commercial sewing 6 years ago. Working with my hands gave me an energy and happiness that no other job has. Coming from a long line of passionate entrepreneurs, I decided it was time I found my passion. So, I began working with leather knowing that as it ages it becomes more and more interesting and beautiful. I've always appreciated well-loved bags and clothes. They are a part of people’s stories, the places they go and things that happen along the way. I’m excited to be a part of the stories.


    Exciting News!

    Open Hand Leather Goods has been named a 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice FinalistCongratulations! check out Open Hand Leather Goods profile here. Voting begins on September 21st well be asking for your support so stay tuned.

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